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Mount Etna erupts! Italy issues yellow alert after red-hot lava oozes out of volcano

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taly has issued a yellow alert after red-hot lava appeared from Mount Etna last week, which is considered to be the tallest active volcano in Europe.

Footage shared by news agency Reuters on Twitter shows lava and plumes of smoke billowing into the sky in the night. In an amazing display, the lava is seen coming out of Mount Etna volcano.

Reuter’s stated that “Europe’s tallest active volcano, Mount Etna, put on a stunning display May 20, 2022, with hot lava and plumes of smoke spewing meters up into the sky and red lava flowing down the mountain, heading for the Lion Valley.”

It may be noted that Mount Etna had last erupted in February 2022. Volcanic lightning was seen in the sky of Sicily soon after the eruption. Videos on social media showed the night sky lighting up with bright red molten lava. A report by National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (INGV) had said that lava that came out of Mount Etna was concentrated near a volcanic crater on the mountain’s slope.

Boris Behnke, a volcanologist, while speaking to news agency Associated Press said that nearly 11, 000 foot high Mount Etna had witnessed bolts of volcanic lightning in 2021 as well as in 2015.

According to, which quoted Nasa’s Earth Observatory, Mount Etna, which grew by 100 feet in 2021, is believed to be a submarine volcano. It is believed to have emerged above sea level from solidified lava after numerous eruptions. The report further said that the lava have been flowing over the mountain since nearly 3,00,000 years ago.

The website further noted that volcanic plumes can reach great heights. They can also affect the human respiratory system and lead to various diseases like asthma.

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